About Us

We’ve always had a passion for the community. Sticking close to our buds, long before legalization was on the radar.

Grassroots from the 90's

Its Flourished From A Dead Tour

Decades ago we followed the grateful dead tour & found our passion for the community & industry.

We weren’t always selling one-hitters, but we were always providing high vibes wherever we went. Fast forward a few decades and our products are now found in households & smoke shops across the nation.

Fast & Discreet Shipping

Your herb is loud enough, your package will ship on the low.


We source the highest grade silicone to handcraft all our products.


Getting elevated costs enough, that's we're here to save you some green.

I love this community and couldn't imagine doing anything else. Thank you for the decades of support.
Johnny Braveman
Founder, CEO
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