The Digger One Hitter

We changed the one-hitter industry back in 2008 and haven’t stopped trailblazing yet.

Learn Why Our One Hitter is the Best

It Starts with Changing the Industry Standard

Everyone remembers the one-hitter. The original pipe before the industry changed. After noticing the daily struggles with the one-hitter, we decided to change the entire game.

That’s why we re-invented The Digger One Hitter. We added the teeth onto the digger one-hitter to take a bite out of your nug. Changing just how easy it is to pack yourself a nice little bowl.

Collection of One Hitters

Featured Classic

A Digger For Everyone

When we reinvented the one-hitter we wanted to make sure it was for everyone. That’s why we have over 6 different color options.

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